Lifestyle is now Sky-style

Why is Balaji Symphony so mesmerizingly unique?

The answer to this stares right at your face. What you see is truly the reflection of your deepest aspirations, you have harboured ever since the day you dreamt for a life on the highest level, or should we say the 30th level.

Shifting into Balaji Symphony is akin to inheriting Vishesh Group’s legacy of optimum uncompromised value, evident in every sq.ft of space that constitutes this landmark township in Navi Mumbai. Over here, the Sky is not the limit, but just the very beginning. In fact, it is encapsulated within 10000 sq.ft of terrace space on the 30th floor, extending seamlessly onto its vast expanse above. Get the breeze ?

Balaji Symphony is amongst the few residential projects in Mumbai and the only one with apartments in Navi Mumbai, offering the ‘SKY-STYLE’ as a recreational amenity feature.

Now, imagine your life as a privileged Symphonian.

1. Sky Jogging, with the first light of the morning.

2. Sky Garden, meditating on a bed of dew grass.

3. Sky Lounge, settling down with your morning newspaper.

4. Sky Gym, that power workout to pump up your adrenalin.

5. Sky Coffee Bar, that exotic aroma of Caffeine for stimulating conversations.

6. Sky Kitty Party Lawn, her favourite group venue.

7. Sky Gossip Centre, her favourite past-time destination.

8. Sky Court for those hard fought games.

9. Sky Bridge, bringing you closer to her.

10. Sky Amphitheatre, for that memorable performance in the sky.

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