Buying a property in metro city is everyone’s dream, the thing is to buy it perfect according to requirement and the available amenities. Many 1BHK, 2 BHK flats are available for sale in Navi Mumbai. But before buying any property you should take a proper legal advice, verify the documents and check all the other information related to that particular land property.


The registration documents are needed to verify the authenticity of the property from the local development authority of that locality. It will provide you all the previous information related to the property land that you have decided to buy in Navi Mumbai. So before buying any land property you should properly scrutinize all the registration documents related to that property.


The land property that you are going to buy in Navi Mumbai can be under litigation so it’s better to do an extensive verification of the builder, you can verify the current, past projects of the builder. You can also clear all your queries related to the property or builder with the help of various online real estate forums.


You must ask or check the conversion certificate, it is needed to confirm that the status of the concerned property has been change from an agricultural to a non-agricultural purpose land or not you are authorised to get all the information pertaining to the property that you desire to buy in the future.


The completion certificate verifies that the building is in compliance with the norms and rules of the local municipal authority in terms of height, its distance from the road and the overall construction of the building is done as per the approval plan. You should never ignore this certificate before buying any Property in Navi Mumbai otherwise you may have to pay a heavy price as the property can be demolished by the local municipal authority.


Checking the receipts of the tax payment bills of the concerned property is also very important before buying that property.  You should ask for the latest original tax paid receipts and check other details like taxpayer’s name, address of the building, date of payment, etc. You should also check whether the other bills are paid or not, for example electricity bill, water bill, etc. It is done to ensure that the taxes are paid up to date and to confirm that all the dues are cleared by the seller or not.


Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you should also ask the seller to provide occupancy certificate. It is compulsory for the seller to have occupancy certificate from the competent authority before selling the property and in case the seller has not obtained this certificate and sold the property then the buyer have to pay a heavy penalty under the applicable government laws. Not only to this there can be risk of demolition of the property. So be careful.


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