The beautiful monsoon season has knocked at the door and the air is heavy with the sweet aroma of the wet mud and the atmosphere will be filled with different shades of green. However, monsoon does also mean maintenance of houses and this is because the high moisture in the air and the atmosphere has a bad effect on the cement and foundations of the house. If left without maintenance, the structure of the house starts to gather moss and as a result the entire structure becomes weak.

Why Monsoon also calls for a change in the home decoration?

It’s the season of the year again, when all you want to do is get rid of all your tasks and bunk your office and curl up on the sofa with a book at your 2 BHK Flat in Panvel, but changing the home decor might make you feel better and this is why it is important you make your home feel more vibrant so that you feel more energetic this monsoon.

Monsoon home decor tips

The upcoming Projects in Panvel are very roomy and spacious and therefore to bring in more energy to them here are a few monsoon home decor tips:

  • Bring out all the empty wine bottles and fill them with fresh flowers which will brighten up your room. Use flowers like peonies, lilies and tulips to make the flower combination look more vibrant.
  • A very annoying thing in the monsoon is that whenever your friends comes to visit you they bring their umbrellas and if that is wet, it leaves a wet trial. To get rid of this, leave a sleek vase or basket at your front door which will act as a water stand.
  • Change the window draping, avoid heavy curtains made up of cotton and use the curtains made up of lace or sheer to make the atmosphere of the room more airy and fresh.
  • In the living room of the 2bhk flat in Panvel place a chic tray along with scented candles, it will make the atmosphere very soothing during the monsoon evenings.

Tips for maintenance of the flats in the monsoon:

All these home decors will fail to make any impact unless you have a well-maintained flat. Therefore you must also look after the maintenance of your Property in Panvel. Here are a few tips to share about the maintenance of the residential properties.

  • Check out for the leaks and the weak wall joints and immediately call for a technician to get the leaks fixed and the house water-proof.
  • Get the drains cleared, during the monsoon, the drains tend to get clogged and these drains become home to germs and mosquitoes. Therefore, plumbing is very important in the monsoon.
  • Care of the furniture is also very important during the monsoons. Clean your furniture with a damp cloth and if possible you have to polish and coat the furniture to keep it safe during monsoon.

By following these tips you can ensure that your stay in monsoon in your Panvel Property is filled with serenity, positive vibes and calmness.


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