On the outskirts of Mumbai, lies a gold mine for investors – Panvel. While many are unaware or simply unwilling to consider the opportunity that Panvel has to offer, Panvel is brimming with opportunities as the real estate market conditions have seen exponential growth in the last few years. Panvel has emerged as one of the hottest and fastest-growing real estate markets in Navi Mumbai, in terms of infrastructure development and connectivity. Its real estate market has also witnessed considerable activity across segments, including affordable, mid-segment and luxury housing, as well as commercial complexes.

Due to the manifestations of a healthy property market condition, this is the perfect time to take advantage of hot deals available in Panvel’s real estate market. But, the most important factor to be considered while purchasing a property is to choose the right property developer that guarantees safety on your capital.

Here are a few factors and steps to be considered while choosing the right Builders in Panvel:

Before deciding on which property to buy, it is very important that you have adequate information about the developer to avoid any regrets in the end. You can simply log in to the website of the developer to get some insights about the company. The website also would provide you with answers of who is the owner, their history, past projects, their Upcoming Projects in Panvel, how long has the company been in existence and a lot more. Doing a bit of research may take you time but will surely be beneficial in the process of home buying.

2)Visit their Social Media Platforms

Well, one important point that should be taken into consideration is the reputation of the Developer. You can simply go through their Social Media pages and check reviews as they reflect the quality of their work and performance, and also, level of customer satisfaction. You can also get to know about their latest achievements, upcoming events, their Projects in Panvel and also some special promotions that they are running. An online research, like referring some blogs will also provide you company insights.

3)Face to Face meeting

Visiting the sales office of the Builders in Navi Mumbai is sure to reveal a lot about their working pattern. You can also clarify your doubts and queries by questioning the sales representatives. Usually, experienced professionals are hired by the developers who will not be able to answer your development specific questions, but will surely provide you detailed information on real estate related topics, namely finance, law, etc. Also, a visit to their current workplace or sales office will give you an understanding of how the post sales services will be.

4)Mortgage Facilities

Usually, good developers have tie-ups with major banks that provide you with financial support in buying your dream abode. Which is why it is essential to note the alliances that the real estate developer has with the financial institutions to ease the transactions.

5)Check pricing and payment plan

You should always check, whether the price quoted by the Builders in Panvel provides the right value for the product, do they have products that suit every budget, are the developers willing to negotiate, what is the expected ROI. Also, make sure that the payment plan offered by the builder suits your cash flow.

Other points to be considered are whether they have a good facilities management companies for all their completed Projects in Navi Mumbai or upcoming Projects in Panvel, also if there are any kind of owners associations formed for their completed projects and also their record for timely delivery. All these factors when considered will tell you a lot about the Developer and accordingly, you can choose the one that suits you the best!


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